Tips to Prevent Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is growing in an alarming rate these days. Along with the children and women abuse, this is also becoming a major concern of the government. People have become so ruthless that they do not spare the elderly people. They are becoming the victims of verbal, physical, emotional and many other different kinds of elder abuse.

One of the disheartening facts of this type of abuse is that it is done by the nearest people of an elderly person. Statistics show that most of the elderly persons are abused in the family rather than in old-homes or nursing-homes. The condition is horrible is that person is depended upon his or her family for livelihood. The children or the closest relations, who could have been the most comfortable resort for the elderly people, turn against their lives. Old age becomes a curse for those elderly people.

But we should put an end to this inhuman behavior and attitude of the people. It is difficult to support a family in this modern world. But how can the sons or daughters or other relatives forget that this elderly person, who are in need of the care of a family, once brought up this family with his income, care and love. People must change their attitude towards the elderly people.

Here are some important tips that can be followed to prevent elder abuse:

Firstly, awareness raining campaigns should be arranged to make people concern about the adverse effects of the elder abuse. The people must know how severe form of emotional, mental and physical problems can arise due to such behavior towards the old people. The media can play an important role in this regard. The newspapers can publish case studies and different expert opinions on the outcome of this abuse. Again, television, facebook, twitter etc. can also work on public awareness raising. The nursing homes that are abusing the old people should be identified. Most of the old people do not dare to complain about their family or the institutions that are taking care of them. So, government should appoint people who can check this issue. Again, the authority of those institutions should be careful about these things.

Secondly, if you are taking care of an elderly person at home, you should have a positive attitude about this person. You should not feel overburdened. If you think that it puts workload upon you, try to take a help. Just look back and think how this person has brought you up when you were a small helpless kid in this big and complicated world. Your love and comfort can help the person to live the rest of his life peacefully. You need to behave cordially and you should not give that person any sign that you are in trouble because of him. You need to be patient and considerate. You can involve the other members of the family in taking care of the older person.

Thirdly, if you think that you cannot take care of the elderly person anymore, you can send him to an old-home for a time being. Though this is not always a good idea, still old-home has a different setting. Other older people live there. So, they can live like a community. If you need to work for long hours and you need to keep the elderly person alone at home; it is better that you keep him in a good old-home. But you should visit him frequently so that he understands that you really care for him.