What Makes World of Warcraft such a Great Game?

World of Warcraft (WoW) has been around for years. It was launched in 2004 and through the years has started to be recognized until it hit big. With a heavily quest-driven progression system and simple gameplay, it appeals to a large audience and currently is among the favorite online game of the masses. People of different ages and races are playing it and they cannot seem to stop their passion for the game.
In Wow, players can choose characters to play with that represent good (Alliance) or evil (Horde). As one chooses from a variety of colorful races and powerful classes, one is creating his alter ego. He can be whoever he wants in the game realm. And then after pressing the click here button, he can begin exploring, questing, and battling in Azeroth, the fantasy setting of the game.
The fact that the game is not that really complicated to play makes it popular. As soon as a player knows few basics of the game, he can then enjoy playing it. Although the game is superficially similar to other games that came before it with the same fundamentals, the game is more approachable. Learning its playing tricks is like training a Labrador retriever that is not really so hard.
When someone comes across the game for the first time, one would think that the game would be harder to play and win. But when one clicks one site that will bring him to the game, he will realize that the game’s interface is easy to learn and understand. It is like buying a certain product that at quick glance one would never have to even read its product info. That is basically the complexity of the game is carefully disguised by simple and highly legible interface and amazing graphic engine. The gameplay itself is so quickly intuitive; that a tutorial is not really necessary to wade through.
There are actually helpful and optional pop-up tool tips which one could use as he advance in the game, but as stated, one would never have to know a lot of technical stuffs to become successful in the game. As the game progress and tons of different lands are being covered with always something new to explore, one could easily become hooked up with the game. Just like aging people who avails of best wrinkle remover, players of WoW do not like to let go of the game as they can experience each character’s travels, quests, challenges and trial making them feel thrilled.
No wonder, people became easily hooked with the game. Its online reputation is phenomenal and millions of people are talking about it. People who are fond of it discuss their quest and progress of the game in forums, blogs, and even social networking sites. If Phen375 reviews hail the product’s slimming wonder, Wow is also trending among the masses.