Adverse effects of playing video games

The debate on the effects of video games has been waged since the advent of these games. Each side tries to argue its side. What remains apparent is that the weight is relatively even. What the video games make up on the positive side they lose on the negative. As you take advantage of the gaming technology, you should not ignore the negative effects. There are several adverse effects of playing video games.


The most adverse side effect today is probably the obesity problem. The worse thing about video games is that they do not involve any physical exercising. A player can remain on his or her seat for the entire day. Just like television, video games go hand in hand with junk food. The end results are usually unfitness and weight gain. To ensure your child does not suffer from the effects of video gaming, you need to limit the amount of time he spends behind the computer or TV screen.

Violent Tendencies

Video games and violence is one of the hot topics in education today. After playing violent video games for long, a kid tends to become immune to violence. As a result, he will tend to resolve most of the issues with hostility. Researchers have found that kids who spend most of their time playing violent video games are more likely to start a fight than those who don’t. The infamous Columbia massacre is attributed to hours of playing violent video games. As a parent, it is crucial that you monitor what your child plays.

Social Isolation

Video games are addictive. It is not uncommon to find a kid playing the games for hours in a row. As a result, the kid will not have time to socialize with other kids. This can lead to a range of disorders some of which may be permanent. The social skills of the child may also decline if he does not socialize with other kids. Even when it comes to lig TV izle, it is paramount that you take some time to spend time with both family and friends. No man is an island.

Poor Grades

Another notable effect of playing video games is the neglect of duties. As aforementioned, most of these games are addictive. As a result, players may tend to neglect their studies or draw their focus to video games rather than concentrating in their studies. The negative impact of video games continues to make the top quarter of the list of hot topics in education. Parents have to monitor the grades of their kids before clicking on the ‘get it now’ link for the latest version of a video game online.

There are many more adverse effects of playing video games in both adults and kids. Most players complain of back pain while some parents complain of attention problems like ADHD in their kids. It is important that you monitor the type of games your child is playing as well as the number of hours he spends behind the screen.